Monday, April 7, 2008

Be The Best You Can Be

Barbara Walters recently produced a program on TV about octogenarians and aging. In it she reports on the 80's as being the new 60's. This is not news to us, for we already knew that because the 60's are the new 40's. We are living proof!

In the program she interviews people even into their 100's who are active and excited about life. She reports on water skiers, horseback riders, sky divers, ninety year-olds finding new romance. Exciting and interesting people all.

What she has found are common denominators that these people share. Here is her list coupled and edited with some additions of my own.

Suggestions and traits needed for gracefully transitioning into a new season of life:

1) a passion in life and for life,
2) learn how to deal with grief and loss,
3) be physically and mentally active,
4) be willing to step out of your comfort zones and try something new,
5) laugh a lot,
6) live in faith not fear.
7) know how to forgive and make amends

In my observations women of joy exhibit at least five out of seven, if not all, of these traits. Most women of joy are batting 1000.

Recently I have been on a booksigning tour promoting my new book "Generation G - Advice For Savvy Grandmother's Who Will Never Go Gray". What a blast! I am having more fun "meeting and greeting" accomplished women and amazing grandmothers around the country. Women who exhibit these characteristics and more. What I am learning is that this time in life is the best! All of the women I have met are excited about this season of life. And they are doing the most amazing things:

My friend Caro has taken a six month inland waterway trip, journey may be a better way to describe it, with her husband Don and has lived to not only tell about it but to write about it.

Dee in Wichita Falls has started doing television advertising for the first time. (I believe she's a child, just in her 50's, but nevertheless is excited about the opportunities set before her.

Katherine in Rockport is an ex-secret service agent who is going on the speaking circuit to tell of her many adventures and experiences.

Jane in Wichita Falls has opened an art gallery and is doing amazing things.

Judy in Alvarado is opening a restaurant.

Toni from Atlanta biked across Tuscany on her 60th birthday.

Lenda from Fort Worth started a first grandmother's club as a a result of the joy and love she felt being a grandmother.

I met a woman who, because of an accident that kept her bedridden, turned her experience of viewing gifted flowers to a passion for photographing flowers and gifting them to others.

Carolyn has turned her gift of story telling into a toastmaster's vocation.

These women should inspire even the most avid couch potato.

Because of many of the stories I am hearing, I myself experienced a momentary lapse of judgement, a moment of insanity as my husband and I did a zipline over the rainforest in Alaska this past summer.

Will miracles never cease?

So the message today is get up off the sofa! Get out there! Look around the corner! Who knows - you might find a wonderul passion or surprise just around the corner. It's never to late to try!


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