Saturday, December 23, 2006

60 And Loving It

Who said that aging is a bad thing?

Isn't the cheese that has been aged the best one? Don't we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for aged wines? Doesn't wisdom come with age?

It is obvious that aging has its benefits. The problem is that the world does not recognize the wisdom that comes with added years.

It is up to those of us in the know to tell them. It is up to us to show them.

I can say with certainity that the 60-year-olds I know are pretty hip. Most are computer literate, email on a regular basis, have palm pilots and ipods. Many are ging back to school, learning foreign languages, and getting new degrees. Some still ski, hike, bike, dance regularly, and are basically in really good shape. Most interestingly, most 60-year-olds have a vocabulary that would rival a grad student, common sense that brings sanity to confusion, and a living knowledge of history that needs to be told.

So what's the big deal? Why does aging have such a bad connotation?

I think its because people justs don't know. If they did - they would all want to be where we are.

Look what we know. Look what we've experienced.

There is not enough money in the world to make me go back. I love where I am now. I have two great sons, two amazing daughters-in-law, and four unbelievable grandchildren. My life is full. I work part-time and get to pick and choose my social activities. I don't do large luncheons or big meetings anymore. I just get to spend quality time with family and frineds, doing what I love most, contributing in ways that were not possible before. What could be better than that?

One of the best kept secrets of turning 60 is that we carry a plethora of life, joy, love, laughter, and experience in our containers. They are so full now they are close to overflowing. There is no greater gift than to pour ourselves out on our families, breathing life, giving hope, offering encouragement, being there for them through thick and thin.

The silver genertion needs to make itself known. To stand tall, speak up, and make a difference - to be seen and heard. With baby boomers coming of age, our numbers are increasing. We are a formidable force, indeed. Let's stand up and be counted. The positive ways we can impact the world are immeasurable.

In this blog, I will addrss issues and challenges common to most 60-year-olds. My goal is to encourage those approaching 60 to hold our heads high. I desire to challenge us to think of how and where we can leave our mark on the world.

Our first step is to quit buying into a negative aging mentality and be proud of where we are in life. Finding ways to mentor our children and grandchildren is vital. Identifying our passion and perfecting it is key to success. Building our faith, as we prepare a legacy to pass down to the fourth generation, is what we are all about.

The challenge is to accept who we are and embrace it.

The 60's generation is on the move. I say, bring it on.


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